Kayak Anglers Dashboard inventor Rick Witkowski

Flatwater kayak fishing fans meet Rick Witkowski, inventor of the Kayak Anglers Dashboard, BOOTH 435 premier 2020 Kansas City Boat and Sportshow at Bartle Hall Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri this Thursday, January 9th thru Sunday, January 12th. Wishing for Walleye fisherman, army vet and retired master craftsman Rick combined his love for kayak fishing with his woodworking skills to create the perfect place to hold his paddle, net, fishing equipment and outriggers right in front of him for tump free, hands free flatwater fishing fun without drilling a single hole in the kayak. Visit BOOTH 435 to talk fishing and sit inside kayak fans will see the Kayak Anglers Dashboard fully installed on a kayak. Try out the Kayak Anglers Dashboard demonstration kayak on the Sportshow paddle pool.