SIT INSIDE Kayak fishing enthusiast Rick Witkowski is the inventor of the Kayak Anglers Dashboard, a hand crafted SIT INSIDE kayak fishing accessory that can be installed on most SIT INSIDE kayaks without drilling any holes in the boat. The Kayak Anglers Dashboard gives kayak fishing fans the perfect place to secure their fishing net, paddle and rod, right in front of the kayak cockpit. Rick is looking for twenty-five SIT INSIDE kayak fishermen who are will to install the Kayak Anglers Dashboard to their kayak for field testing and to provide feedback on their fishing experience using the dashboard. He has twenty-five first generation model Kayak Anglers Dashboards that he is looking to sell at an additional fifty dollar ($50.00) discount off the current retail price of $199.00 in exchange for field testing and feedback from you on the product. Free installation for any participants in the Kansas City metro area. If you are interested in participating in this study, please complete the contact form linked below and submit for review and consideration.