Bottomline Fishing Buddy

The Fishin’ Buddy II fish/depth finder, first sold by Bottom Line, was a major factor influencing the design of the Kayak Anglers Dashboard (KADB).  The Fishin’ Buddy contained in a single unit :  the transducer, the LCD screen and processor, and the power supply (for flashlight batteries.).   The screen and processor were  mounted on the top of a 24″ long plastic tube.  The transducer was attached to the bottom of the tube.  The purpose of the holes at each end of the KADB was to provide a place to set the Fishin’ Buddy. so the transducer was in the water and the screen was right in front of the kayak fisherman. The Fishin’  Buddy was ideal for use in a kayak.


There is a big problem with the Fishin’  Buddy, though.  They quit making them.  Sporting goods stores no longer sell them.  You might be able to find a pre-owned one on Ebay, but they are no longer readily available.


With the Fishin’  Buddy no longer available , the holes at each end of the KADB are useless.  So we made marine plywood discs to screw to the KADB to cover the holes.  The discs make a surface to mount a rod holder or whatever.  Future KADB’s will no longer have end holes.  If you do happen to own or find a Fishin’  Buddy, the discs can be easily removed and the holes used as originally intended.  Either way, the KADB  is a great help to the kayak fisherman by providing a  great place  for all the essential fishing gear right in front of him.