Kayak Anglers Dashboard™ 

Why a Kayak Anglers Dashboard?

I’ve been a kayak fisherman for over twelve years. The first time I went fishing from a kayak I had trouble with where to put my gear.  The bungee rigging and storage hatch were located behind the cockpit.  Experience quickly showed that it was quite difficult to access these storage areas behind your back when you were out on the water seated in the kayak.  I lost several fish because I couldn’t reach the landing net when it was needed.  There wasn’t a good place to put my fishing rod.  Kayaks marketed as “fishing kayaks” had the rod holders behind the fisherman.  It seemed to me that it would be much better if one could have his gear in front of, instead of behind the kayak fisherman.

To solve these problems, I invented the Kayak Anglers Dashboard™ (KADB).  The KADB was designed to be used on a sit-inside kayak.  It’s purpose is to allow a kayak fisherman to secure his gear in front of him, where it is easy to access.  The KADB provides a strong, handsome platform to which accessories can be mounted.

Of course, the first piece of of gear a fisherman needs is a rod and reel.  The KADB is an excellent place to mount a rod holder.  Having the rod holder ahead of the angler allows him (or her) to keep an eye on it, which is great for trolling.  When the rod tip bends over and starts bouncing,  you know there is a fish on the line.  And once a fish is hooked and reeled in, a landing net is very helpful getting the fish into the boat.  The Net Holder, which is mounted at the center of the KADB, puts the landing net within easy reach of the angler. There are times when the angler must set down the paddle and attend to something else, such as reeling in a fish!  Two molded rubber clips mounted to the KADB are perfect for this job.  Many fish must be a certain length to be kept.  The ruler along the front edge of the KADB makes measuring the fish easy.

My very first time out in a kayak, I tumped it as I reached for the dock while landing.  Fortunately, I didn’t have any gear with me to lose,  I wasn’t that lucky the second time I tumped.  I lost my glasses and a really nice rod and reel.  Shortly afterwards while researching kayak gear I became aware of outriggers and bought a pair. The Dual Purpose Forward Mount is attached to the KADB at its center  and extends forward over the hull.  It serves both as a landing net holder and a place to mount the outriggers.  Now I would not even consider fishing from my kayak without the Kayak Anglers Dashboard™ and the outriggers.

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Meet the Inventor

Rick Witkowski is a longtime Kansas City master wood craftsman who fell in love with kayak fishing so much, he built the perfect kayak fisherman’s flatwater fishing accessory the Kayak Anglers Dashboard™ to put his fishing rod and reel, depth finder, outriggers and a net right in front of him. Now he has come out of retirement to share his love of inventing and experience in flatwater kayak fishing with his Made in America quality workmanship that will last a lifetime.